About Us


Company Overview

iCaught Incorporated is a provider of imaging hardware, document management software, and related services that delivers access to important company information on demand.

iCaught has extensive knowledge of the different types of scanners and other imaging hardware.  We can ask the right questions to help you purchase the right scanner for your needs.  We are partners with all the major manufacturers of scanner equipment, consumables, and warranty.

Our selected document management software – Document Manager by Document Logistix stores, indexes and secures information in virtually any data format (i.e. TIFF, Microsoft office products, CAD drawings, PDF, JPG,  AVI, multimedia, etc.) keeping the integrity of the original format, presenting and distributing it over the Internet, Intranet or local area network.

How can we deliver the right system for your organization?

Knowledge, experience, flexibility, and commitment:
• Take the time to understand your requirements
• Advise you on the best practice for managing and protecting your documents.
• Efficiently capture and correctly index documents so they can be retrieved on demand.
• Tailor the system to how you prefer to work when searching and retrieving documents.
• Provide security and peace of mind that your documents are protected.

At iCaught you focus on our core competencies and we focus on your data.  Together, we focus on your businesses success.