Document Management Software


Document Logistix is a leading provider of Document Management Software in the United States and the United Kingdom

What is Document Manager?

Infonic Document Manager operates exactly like a virtual filing cabinet. Documents are stored into folders and subfolders and are referenced by name or unique number. Document Manager can handle any document in their native format, be it a scanned image, a Word document, an email or a PDF, to name a few.

Retrieval through gigabytes or terabytes information is done within seconds. Users can search by document reference (i.e. client name, invoice number) or within a document (i.e. show me all the documents containing the word “logistics.”)

Security is paramount; documents are encrypted and organisations implementing Document Manager can decide what users can see or do to documents within Document Manager.

•  Save Time
•  Central Control and Management
•  Immediate Retrieval of Documents
•  Security and Control
•  Consistent, Accurate Filing
•  Reduced Storage Cost
•  Improved Cash Flow
•  Visibility of Information
•  Disaster Recovery Competitive Gains
•  Clean Digital copies of Documents
•  Assists with Regulatory Compliance, such as Sarbanes Oxley